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Wildman Web Solutions is a full service website development, design, and marketing agency in Lawrence, KS. We are here for the companies who need more that just a web designer; who instead need a full-time partner to take on their technological challenges, advise them on matters of internet marketing, and manage their online presence as a whole. Wildman can make you a beautiful custom webite, help to get you on social media, design online and print advertisements, build you an online store to sell your product, and we do it all under one umbrella of cohesive brand identity.

Wildman was founded with a goal in mind and that was to "be a small business for small businesses". We don't want to pursue huge corperate clients and we don't endevor to grow into one ourselves. Founder and CEO, Miles Bassett attended the University of Kansas and worked in Kansas City in the software, technology, and education fields. He started Wildman Web Solutions to be a friend to small local businesses who need an online presence but can't afford to pay larger marketing firms. Our size (or lack thereof) is our strength.

We meet one-on-one with every prospective client for a free consultation during which we discuss your needs, wants, and 'nice to haves'. Then, we learn everything we can about your business, your industry, and your customers and use that information, along with the consultation, to formulate a plan to address all of your needs within a budget you can afford. If you want to learn more about what Wildman can do for you, check out our Services page or send us a message with any unanswered questions.

Our Senior Staff

Miles Bassett

Founder of Wildman and technical lead, Miles is always busy building and improving our platforms and projects. He strives to provide the highest quality, most affordable, and perfectly unique solutions for our partners. He takes a hands-on approach to sales and development so one of the first things that will happen when you become a Wildman partner is a meeting with Miles.

Alex Whitten

Alex is a great developer and an endless spring of new ideas. Wildman strives to create solutions as unique as our clients and no one exemplifies that more than Alex. His creative influence spreads across the whole company from development to sales to research. We are greatful to have his energy, his intelligence, and his special kind of crazy here at Wildman.

Forrest Munro

Creative Director, Forrest Munro, is a talented graphic designer, photographer, and writer. Her contributions have been essential to the development of this company and she continues to to help us and our clients to think outside the box and express ourselves in ways we could never imagine. If you need to develop your image in a way that lets you stand out in a crowd, you need Forrest Munro.

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