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Our Mission Is To Empower Small Businesses Through Powerful Technology, Meaningful Design, And Personalized Strategy


Wildman Web Solutions is a full service digital agency based in Lawrence, Kansas. Our mission is to work with our clients to help them leverage technology, social media, and other digital marketing strategies to elevate their business.

We are dedicated to delivering high quality products and services as quickly as possible. We will work with you to make sure you are 100% happy with the outcome of your project. We set realistic timelines for our projects and then hold to them so that we can guarantee exactly when you will get your delivery. Projects done with Wildman will be top-notch, creative, and delivered on time. We prioritize clear communication during our projects so you can always feel free to reach out to us, ask questions, and work directly with us on your project.

We are your partners in technology. We don’t succeed unless you succeed and we only win when you win. With that in mind, we will always price our services fairly; we will never sell you anything we don’t think you need; we will do everything in our power within the scope of this project to ensure that you and your organization will succeed.


Our Story

Wildman Web Solutions was founded in 2017 by CEO, Miles Bassett. Miles was a professional software engineer working as a contract developer for several Fortune 500 companies as well as local, state and federal government agencies. After years of working for these large organizations, and doing some work for small businesses on the side, he developed a love for the small business world. He founded Wildman Web Solutions with a mission of bringing the powerful tools of the corporate world to small businesses everywhere and he has worked with his team for the last seven years to make incredible technology accessible to the smallest of organizations.

Wildman specializes in websites, mobile apps, custom software, design, and digital marketing.


 Our Team

Wildman Web Solutions has built a powerful yet agile team over the years to accommodate the needs of our clients. We are based in Lawrence, KS but we do not have a physical office so everyone works remotely from their home offices. We are a digital agency with a digital office and that means we can pass that rent savings on to our clients.

In addition to our local leadership team, we have worked to build a diverse and skilled network of professionals that we contract on a project basis. These contractors are not cheap labor we found overseas but rather trusted professionals that we have developed a relationship with over the course of our company’s growth or even before. This includes designers, photographers, videographers, SEOs, programmers, writers, and more. Some are just down the street in Lawrence, some are in neighboring KC, and some are as far away as Vancouver but all are dedicated to the mission of Wildman Web Solutions.

All projects are 100% overseen by our talented leadership team right here in Lawrence.

Some Recent Clients

Wildman Web Solutions

Our Values

Wildman is a principaled company with very strong beliefs about our purpose and what we should be. Though there is more, here’s the big three:


The world of technology and marketing can be confusing and our industry is filled with shady practices and hidden fees. We promise to break that mold and be as transparent as possible. We will answer every question put to us, we will engage in efforts to educate our clients and the community at large, and we will construct all of our products and services with full transparency in mind.
At Wildman, we are REAL. We will not hide anything and we will do our best to give you as much information as possible.


At Wildman, we view our clients as partners. The moment we sign a contract, our business is intertwined with yours and we are invested in you and your success. We structure our services such that we only win when you do and we only prosper when your business does.
With that in mind, we will always price our services fairly; we will never sell you anything we don’t think you need; we will do everything in our power within the scope of this project to ensure that you and your business thrive.


Ultimately, both technology and marketing are about results. From the initial consultation to the project execution to the metrics we monitor, we are always looking for what WORKS. Sometimes it means we get creative or unconventional but we view every project we take on through a results-driven lense.
This means we are constantly working to improve our services and offerings and we are always measuring what we do to ensure that every task completed moves the needle for our client.

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