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Lawrence, KS

We Are a Digital Marketing Agency
in Lawrence, Kansas

Our mission is to empower small businesses through robust technology, meaningful design, and a personalized marketing strategy to achieve results.

At Wildman Web Solutions we strive to provide a holistic service, from web hosting and development to marketing plans, content creation and advertising campaigns. We have achieved full service by providing nearly everything a small business needs to grow online. By having a holistic approach all facets of your business work in tandem to be interconnected as a more powerful instrument of growth. We pride ourselves on full transparency and provide you with access to all of your services easily from one central dashboard. This includes your website, mobile app, SEO campaign, hosting, analytics, social media marketing and reputation management tools.

Wildman Services

Website Development

Custom designed and built websites. Mobile friendly, search engine optimized, any platform, tailor-made for you and your business.

App Development

Does your business have a mobile app? There is no better way to engage your audience than a custom mobile app.

iOS, Android, and PWAs included.



Search Engine Optimization ensures your business can be found. When your customers search, they better see you before the competition!

Graphic Design

Unlimited concepts. Unlimited Revisions. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Get noticed with a professional design for your business.


Increase website traffic, drive more conversions, and succeed on social media through targeted campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and other social platforms.

Social Media Marketing

Leverage the incredible power of social media with organic campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, and more.

Experienced Web Designers

Start your new website design project with a team of experts capable of delivering high-performance, quality designs that exemplify your vision, your brand, and your business.

Website Analytics

How Is Your Business Performing Online?

Running a business in 2024 can be a complicated affair. You NEED a solid online presence but what does that mean? Is it just a website? Social media? Reviews? Search Engine Optimization? There are a lot of variables at play here and you need to be on top of all of them. Use our FREE Snapshot Report to find out how your business is performing online, where you are excelling, and where you may need some extra attention.

We are Dedicated to Sustainability

Beginning in 2024, a percentage of our agency profits are going towards reforestation.
Every new website plants a tree where it's most needed.

More information on this initiative coming soon.

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