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Wildman Web Solutions provides digital solutions for small businesses. Custom websites, mobile apps, digital marketing, or graphic design. If you want quality, creativity, and a personal touch, then Contact Us.

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We are always looking for new clients and partners to work with and we are heavily involved in our community. If you have a project to discuss or have a few questions, just give us a call! All consultations are absolutely free.


Based in Lawrence KS

Wildman Web Solutions is based in Lawrence, KS and we primarily serve the Lawrence and greater Kansas City area. However, don't let that hold you back from working with us. We also have clients as far away as Argentina! Just contact us to get your project rolling.

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We Are a 
Full Service Digital Agency

At Wildman Web Solutions we strive to provide end-to-end service, from hosting and development to marketing plans and content creation. The words "Full Service" get thrown around a lot but we feel like we have truly achieved this. Access all of your services easily from one central dashboard, including your website, your mobile app, your hosting and analytics, and your social media marketing and reputation management tools.

Senior Staff

Miles Bassett

Miles Bassett

CEO, Development Lead

Miles' experience as a corporate software engineer gives him the technical know-how to bring your ideas to life. Unlike most developers, he is also a skilled designer and marketer. Miles is responsible for designing and developing all of our projects, SAAS products, and custom software solutions. He is a native Lawrencian, graduate of Lawrence High and the University of Kansas.


Mike Hannah

Sales & Marketing

With over 10 years in sales, marketing, and advertising, Mike brings a depth of experience to the team. He excels in digital marketing strategies and content creativity. Mike’s vast industry knowledge and ability to understand customer needs makes him an integral part of the team. He is also a native Lawrencian, graduate of Lawrence High and the University of Kansas.

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Our Story

Wildman Web Solutions

Founder Miles Bassett is a software engineer who previously worked exclusively with large corporations and government agencies. He contracted with everyone from tech giants to the federal government including IBM, Honeywell, Microsoft, the Department of Energy, Department of Defense, and Homeland Security. These projects were very challenging, large scale, and interesting in their own way but none allowed him to be overly creative or have very much personal interaction with the end users. While solving these complex technical problems was interesting, he didn't feel that his creativity was being fully utilized so he started doing freelance work on the side for small businesses. 

He immediately fell in love with the small business world as he developed websites for artists, musicians, photographers, shops, restaurants and more. Each project was a new unique challenge requiring him to think outside the box; to unleash his wild side. Thus, Wildman Web Solutions was born.

Originally just a vehicle for Miles' freelance work, Wildman quickly grew into something else. Miles stopped taking corporate contracts, more partners came on board, new clients signed on and Wildman became what it is today: a truly unique full service agency whose mission is to make large, corporate level software solutions more accessible to small businesses and to provide high quality, creative solutions for our business community.

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