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Our mobile app development platform cuts down on time and complexity to make the app development process fast, easy, and affordable for small businesses. By modularizing common functionality, we can develop a truly native app for your business in weeks rather than months saving you time and money. You will still get all of the amazing capabilities of a mobile app like push notifications, fast processing, and a great native user experience for your customers. Use your app for mobile food ordering, online shopping, social connectivity, customer engagement, and more!

Truly Native Mobile App

Our system produces true native apps for iOS, Android, and Windows platforms.

Content Mangement System

Your very own dashboard for managing all the content within your app, monitoring users, collecting information, and sending push notification.

Engage Your Customers

Stay top of mind, skip the search, and communicate directly to your customers via their mobile device. There is no more direct route to your customers than through their phone.

Mobile App Development

Mobile Apps for Small Business

If you’re reading this, you’re probably considering getting a mobile app developed for your small business but you’ve still got a few questions. Why do I need a mobile app? How can I use a mobile app in my marketing efforts? I already have a mobile-friendly website; do I need a mobile app as well? How do I even get started on a mobile application? That’s where Wildman Web Solutions comes in. Our highly-skilled mobile app department is ready to answer your questions and engage with your business to create a high-performance marketing tool that lives right in your customer’s pocket.

Over the last 10 years, mobile usage has exploded. The average smartphone user in 2008 spent just a few minutes a day on their mobile device. Now, that number has increased to 4+ hours per day. Mobile device usage passed desktop usage for the first time around 2014 and it hasn’t slowed since. “But what about mobile friendly websites?” you may ask? Nearly 90% of that mobile device usage is spent on apps, not a mobile browser. Mobile friendly websites are absolutely important but you are not going to capture your users attention with a mobile website. Even if a user is starting from scratch in making a purchasing decision, 3 in 10 users will start that search with a branded mobile app instead of a browser search.

That doesn’t even touch the number of people who are searching on the go with the intention of purchasing in person.

76% of people who conduct a local search on their smartphone visit a physical place within 24 hours and 28% of those searches result in an purchase
Source: Think with Google


How can I use a mobile app for my small business?

  • Improved customer service by creating a direct line of communication with the customer
  • Contactless ordering and payments!
  • Use push notifications to engage customers directly
  • Encourage loyalty with a reward program
  • Streamline your ecommerce operation with in-app ordering or mobile payments
  • Decrease calls coming into your business by providing info via your app
  • Personalize your users shopping experience by remembering past interactions with your app, previous purchases, and other user data
  • Beat the competition by “skipping the search”. Users will use your app first before going to a browser search and finding other businesses.
  • Gather first-party data like social media accounts, email addresses, phone numbers and other personal informatoin for other marketing efforts
  • Stay top of mind by putting your logo on your user’s home screen where they will see it every day
  • Utilize geolocation for location-based coiupons or other localized incentives

The opportunities are endless! Leverage a mobile app for your small business today!

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