Ask Wildman Live 1/27

IOS Update, Business Listings, Messaging, and a Plea to the People



Miles Bassett: [00:00:00] Hello. Good morning. Happy Wednesday, happy snowy, Wednesday. And welcome to Ask Wildman. My name is Miles Bassett. I’m the CEO and founder here at Wildman Web Solutions. We are putting this show on every week. We originally as a response to. COVID a lot of businesses were forced to go online. And they were coming up with a lot of questions for the first time as to how to leverage technology, to really do what they needed to do.
So we started the show as an open Q&A for anyone and everyone who had questions about technology, marketing business, anything else? So if you have any questions, we are here to answer you answer those questions as to the best of our ability. Any questions on any of those subjects or anything else you want to bring up?
Just throw those questions in the comments below, as we’re live streaming to our Facebook page and YouTube channel. Again, we’re doing this every week to answer your questions but if you’re catching this later, you’re not watching this live. You can still get us your questions by emailing us those questions
Got that address showing up right here. I think that that should Ask Wildman Wildman, All right.
Close enough.
All right. So like I said, here, if you’ve got any questions,

Mike Hannah: [00:03:49] I lost your audio.
Miles. I can’t, I don’t know if you’re trying to talk to me. So I’m going to, I’m going to log off and log back on brother. Cause I can not hear a word you’re saying all of a sudden.
I believe it’s that’s what’s happening. Hopefully you guys can hear me well, but until my till that microphone gets figured out, I guess you got the Mike on the mic. Hopefully my microphone is happening. So I’ll just jump right into an update that I had for everybody regarding some of the we’ve been talking about the last few weeks, at least, and that is the update on Apple, the iOS systems update.
And that is now happening. If you’re an iPhone user, you maybe already have gotten an alert that your update. Is ready. And so from 30,000 feet, just a quick review of what’s happening here is basically Apple is letting very easily. You’d always been able to do this, but it’s, it’s being more prominent and more easy for people to opt out of a third-party data tracking.
And so this is a way that, you know, us marketers and advertisers, of course creepily, you know, follow people around the internet basically. And don’t reserve the ads. The reason that we do that is because. It takes more times than once, usually almost always in order to make a sale and get somebody to do, you know, what you wanted to do.
Back in the day, you know, the traditional marketing advertising world there’s actually been studies to prove this, that you need between seven and nine times to get a message across to somebody before they generally take action on it and something like making a purchase. And so that was based on the number of ads and the number of messages and brands and everything that we were interacting with again, like 20, 30 years ago.
So obviously that’s it. Accelerated a great deal. We may need three times that today in order to get the same yes. Or the same purchase from somebody. So it’s a really, really important part of marketing and advertising. It’s called remarketing and retargeting, and that’s basically going to become a lot, a lot less easy to do.
It’s not completely going away. But it’s going to become harder. And it’s going to skew a lot of our data. If a lot of these people who are on iOS, who are on Apple, I-phones do opt out of third party tracking. So this has been causing a whole lot of great fear is probably the best way to put it throughout the marketing and advertising industry.
And certainly for small business owners who were aware of this happening. We’ve been getting a lot of questions about it because as you all know small business owners are extremely dependent on platforms like Facebook for advertising that are going to be adversely affected by this. So last week we give you one tidbit and that was to start your email list and really build up your email and this week or tidbit on you know, how to, how to go about tackling this upcoming issue.
Is going to be, to create a whole lot of video. And we’ve already been telling you to create a whole lot of video, but the reason that we’re going to be able to you know, even confidently suggest that you should spend more money than you are currently right now. And hopefully you are spending money on video is because this is going to be one of the avenues that will be left, even for people on Apple and iOS, which is about 30%.
Or, you know, a third of the market we will be able to remarket those people if we are able to use video. So same thing with your email, that’s why you want to get your email list you know, built up as big as you can, because that’s another way around this that, you know, we can still market those people.
We can still use custom audiences and lookalike audiences, but you’ve got to do it. And so that’s the message that I’m bringing you today, right? You know, you may ask Mike, why do you give away all these secrets in, you know, and, and tidbits you know, that you do for your clients for free on the show.
Well, the reason is because we know, unfortunately that most of you are not going to be able to, to execute it properly, or you’re not going to even attempt to execute it, which is even worse. And so, you know, taking these ideas and actually executing them is what’s going to save you, not just knowing this stuff and kind of tinkering with it.
You really have to dive in with both feet. And so that’s why we’re urging you. We’re imploring, you put in your budgets this year. More video production. You can’t get enough of it. And and really, really focus on getting more context for your email list. You are live miles and I can hear you loud and clear brother.
You sound fantastic

Miles Bassett: [00:09:42] by the way. Okay. Let’s see if I can’t get visual. Yes. All right. All right. How’s this

Mike Hannah: [00:09:53] It’s good. It’s great. Awesome. We may need to switch to a different streaming platform. It’s going well currently using, because this is not the first time that we’ve had an issue with, with our platform. Well, we won’t mention the platform.
We won’t throw them, but if you want to DM us and get our, our take on which floor, which streaming platform to use and which not to use, we might have some hot takes for that in the DMs.

Miles Bassett: [00:10:17] So, Oh my goodness. You were saying something good though. So please, please don’t let me interrupt.

Mike Hannah: [00:10:23] I, yeah, I was basically just giving an update here on the iOS which is now happening is coming down the pipe.
And so we’ll see, you know, we’ll see if the, the end of the advertising world happens. Some of the fear mongers out there. Would have, you would have you want to believe, but no, that’s definitely not. What’s going to happen. You know, this, these things happen all the time, these kind of evolutions or disruptions in, in advertising, especially in digital advertising.
So it’s just going to be another thing to overcome. And so I was just giving the people a couple of tidbits here. The first one was reminded of what we said last week about building up their email lists, getting all those contacts it’s going to be extremely useful. And then the second thing.
Remarket and retarget people, which is a fundamental thing in marketing and advertising. If you aren’t remarketing and retargeting people, you better be selling Corvettes for a nickel. You know, you better have such a sweet offer. That it’s just a no brainer. Nobody has to think twice about it. Sure. Here’s my credit card, you know, unless you have one of those types of offers which are very few and far between yeah, you’re going to have to remark it.
You’re gonna have to tart retarget people to generate frequency. You know, again, something we’ve talked about on the show quite a bit, I’m sure most people are familiar with the term frequency. So I think that’s about all I had on that Miles. Good morning, sir. I haven’t even said, how are at the heck are you doing miles?

Miles Bassett: [00:11:49] Good morning. Yeah, I’m doing good. Minus some fun, little technical difficulties there. I guess that’s one, one more tip we can throw out there is make sure you’re not on mute.

Mike Hannah: [00:12:05] You know, w I had done a lot of of stage production in my day. And yeah, it’s one of the first things I always check when things are going wrong is, you know, he’s the mic plugged in. You’d be surprised.

Miles Bassett: [00:12:17] IT solution 101: turn it off and turn it back on.

Mike Hannah: [00:12:20] Yeah. Well, you were working fine and then all of a sudden you were gone and I had nothing.
I don’t know. And so I thought the audio was out across the board. Otherwise I would’ve started talking sooner. So yeah, you want to set up the show, tell him to tell people what the hell we’re doing here

Miles Bassett: [00:12:36] or should I just, well, I, I think, I think we’re good. I think I, I hopefully got it. Most of that intro out there before going on mute here.
But yeah, anyone watching here? I know, I can see, we’ve got a couple of people watching live. If you are watching this live, throw your questions in the comments below we’re on Facebook and YouTube. So pick your poison there, interact with us. If you have some experience dealing with what we’re talking about, if you have some questions, we are here for those.
So yeah. Throw those in the comments. Jeff has already up in there. Good morning, Jeff. And I see we’ve already got a couple of likes here, so that does help us to reach more people. You know, we’re here hopefully as a resource to answer as many questions as possible. So if you think the content we’re putting out here is useful in any way, then give us a, like, give us a share help us to reach a broader audience and hopefully answer some more questions and, and get some more good information out there.
I think the only other thing I had here is if you were catching this not live, you’re catching this video later, then you can still engage with us. We’re doing this every week. So you can email your questions or comments to And we will pick those up next week.
All right. Seeing those likes pouring in. Thanks everyone. Yeah. So if you got some questions, throw them in there right now.

Mike Hannah: [00:13:59] And we really, it really helps with self-esteem too.
Miles Bassett: [00:14:03] You got to keep Mike Happy, we got to keep Mike Happy over there.

Mike Hannah: [00:14:08] I definitely have confidence issues.
Okay, so we’re getting, we’re going to start getting into questions or should I start doing some news updates where we, what are we doing here? Miles.
What’s the agenda today?

Miles Bassett: [00:14:19] Yeah. So let’s, let’s start with those news updates while we let the questions come in. Like I said, anyone who has any questions or just wants to chime in on what we’re talking about, please throw those in the comments below.
But yeah, let’s just, I know we’ve got a couple of current events and a couple of updates, so let’s, let’s just get started with that and then we’ll hit the questions later.

Mike Hannah: [00:14:37] Fantastic. All right. Well The chiefs are in the super bowl. I guess that’s the bad news around here. Once again, back to back you Superbowl.
And I feel like, I feel like we’re going to win. I’m not even worried about it. I think Tom breeze and punk, and as long as he doesn’t cheat, I think we got this wrapped up. So. W. So that’s the big news. Obviously, you know, the super bowl is obviously the biggest advertising day of the year, as well as the biggest sports day of the year.
So a couple of interesting things, you know, I’ve seen over the past week since we talked last about Superbowl ads and all that last week I’ve seen, you know, miles, have you seen a lot of companies bowing out of a super bowl spot? You know?

Miles Bassett: [00:15:17] Yeah. I did see that. So I thought that was an odd trend.

Mike Hannah: [00:15:22] It is, it is a little bit of an odd trend. I think it’s great. Opportunity though. I mean, I wished I had $6 million to buy a super bowl commercial right now. You know, cause a lot of these big, big marquee brands that usually buy three or four, you know, usually spend a whole lot of money producing.
Incredible commercials are sitting out this time. So great opportunity out there for people to gain market voice, which of course is always the first step to gain your market. Share. If people don’t know about you, they can’t do business with you. So so that’s been a little interesting thing

Miles Bassett: [00:15:54] but yeah, I, I actually thought of you, right.
When I, when I saw that announcement, I think it was Budweiser. The one I was seeing was immediately thinking of some things that you have been saying here on this show, because You know, those ads or those ads are huge. And if you can afford them, then they’re immensely effective. So it’s not like, it’s not like they’re not doing anything.
If they’re pulling out of this highly effective marketing spot, then what are they doing instead? And we’ve been talking for weeks about bigger and bigger companies coming into play in the digital marketing space and taking up some space that had primarily been. Smaller organizations, smaller businesses and making the entire space more competitive.
So, you know, if they’re not doing super bowl marketing, then what are they doing?

Mike Hannah: [00:16:38] Yeah, well, that’s a great point and I’m actually, that’s going to lead into my, my next tidbit here about the super bowl. So you’re, you’re right on you’re right on target. But yeah, I think a lot of them are going to transfer button.
Yeah. $6 million or, you know, probably for on Budweiser’s case, probably like $24 million to to other avenues, including digital media, including social media. For sure. I th I think that’s definitely going to happen. So you know, the interesting thing though, about Budweiser in particular is. Miles, you may even even be, you know, this may be before your time, but back in the day Budweiser, w let me ask you this.
Do you remember the bud bowls?

Miles Bassett: [00:17:16] I do not, no.

Mike Hannah: [00:17:17] Okay. Okay. Well, anybody I’d say probably, you know, 35 and older that watch the super bowl, which is, you know, maybe half the country would remember the bud bowls in the, they used to have a. Pull marketing basically skit that happened during the halftime show of the super bowl.
And the interesting thing was Budweiser and bud light, you know, saying company, obviously they’ve been running a nostalgic ads throughout the playoffs of the NFL and, and throwing back to some of these eighties and nineties and early two thousands commercial campaigns that they used to run leading up to the super bowl.
So that’s why it was even kind of a weirder, 180 degrees. Is it zone. I don’t know something happened in that boardroom that’s, that’s gotta be a fun story, but, but really, really interesting to see that. And again, just more opportunity out there for, for, for other folks. But the more interesting story I think that has been emerging around the Superbowl in advertising has been the Superbowl’s partnership with Tik TOK.
And you heard about
this miles.

Miles Bassett: [00:18:23] Oh, no. Oh no. Yes. I have heard about this.

Mike Hannah: [00:18:26] I’m gonna, I’ll put an article.

Miles Bassett: [00:18:27] I’m curious to see where this goes.

Mike Hannah: [00:18:30] Yeah. I’ll put an article down in the in the chat here so people can read it, but so the Superbowl has teamed up with Tik TOK and they have a whole pregame, I think it’s a two hour pregame, basically special happening on tick-tock.
And the the star of the show is Miley Cyrus. So obviously a big, you know, a less entertainer in the really interesting thing to me is that, you know, this, this is been a trend that the super has been relying more and more on social media in order to promote the event, which seemed a little, you know, a little funny, you know, even that tells you a lot right there that even there, you know, having to go outside the box to promote an event like the super bowl But, you know, so this has been a trend, but you know, now they’ve really gone in with both feet and you know, so, you know, they didn’t ask CBS there, NBC, or, you know what don’t even know what state, what network carries the Superbowl, but they didn’t ask their network partners to be, to do this.
They didn’t ask Facebook to do this. They asked TikTok to do this, right. So I’m sorry. I mean, it really says as much about ticket talk as it does about the super bowl and where that trend is, where that trend is heading, that, you know, they really wanted to dive into that culture which is quickly becoming, you know and a huge part of popular culture.
And so that was really, really interesting trend. And I put that article down in the comment section, if anybody wants to get some more details on that. So that’s the Superbowl you know, news that I have for this week. And I’m sure we’ll get some more exciting stuff happening as we get a little bit closer to the event.
And we’ll talk about some commercials and advertising campaigns and things like that.

Miles Bassett: [00:20:13] No, we’ve been off and on mentioning tick talk in the in the frame of. I guess an up-and-coming sort of social media platform. And I think if you happen to be one of the primary tools that an event like the Superbowl is using to market themselves, then maybe that means that you are not in that category anymore.

Mike Hannah: [00:20:33] Yeah. I mean, literally the biggest event on earth and has been for at least 50 years or however, I think it’s, I think it’s been 50 years almost. I don’t know. Jeff help me out with that. But. It it’s, it’s really remarkable. So that’s what I got on the super bowl.

Miles Bassett: [00:20:50] Yeah.
Side note, if you do Google bud bowls, then you don’t get the old Budweiser thing.
You get a bunch of weed stuff, turns out

Mike Hannah: [00:21:01] about that. Yeah, I guess in 2021, the basketball might mean something else. Maybe that’s why they went away from it. No. Yeah, they may be they may be sending market share to an entire different industry with branding. I hadn’t thought about that. Good call there.
Miles. Nice catch. All right. Well, should we talk about my favorite thing in the whole world right now?

Miles Bassett: [00:21:25] I guess we have to, because you’ve been talking about nothing else all week. Very, very interesting. So

Mike Hannah: [00:21:31] before we do that, let’s give a shameless plug because we need some more followers on our tech talk page. And if we get 10 followers today, 10 new followers today. I will make Miles do a tick talk dance, and we will post it on Tik TOK. So there it is. We have to have 10. Yeah, exactly. I didn’t ask. Cause I knew you wouldn’t agree.
So that’s, that’s what we need. So it’s wild man. Miles put up all the, the social handle. It’s it’s our social handle for all of our socials. I know you guys already follow us on all the other social platforms, my guide. Why wouldn’t you? But we need, we just got on Tik TOK the other day. You haven’t even posted anything yet.
Cause we’ve been doing our due diligence. We’ve been using the old two ears, one mouth rule and just listening and watching what’s happening on the platform. But behind the scenes we are creating. A lot of content and having some fun with it already. So just kidding about the dancing though, guys.
Okay. Let’s talk about my favorite thing in the entire world. So excited. Last week we talked about last week, we talked about a new app called clubhouse. I went on a little rant about it and I put out to the world that I needed the clubhouse invite and lo and behold, Anna. One of our amazing associates here, Wildman Web Solutions, we call her the queen of content, but she does, she does pretty much everything behind the scenes for us.
She hooked it up. She, I don’t know how she did it. I don’t know who she had to call or who she had to kill. But she got Miles and I on clubhouse on Saturday and she might be angling for a raise there. Miles we need to, we might need to look at that. She may be well-deserving, but I don’t think I’ve left it other than for meetings since, since about lunchtime on Saturday, it is by far the most engrossing social media app that I’ve certainly ever seen.
And you know, I’m jumping in with both feet and you guys may think, well, okay, of course you are. You’re social media nerd, but I’m only a social media nerd for business. Like I don’t even have a personal social media account other than my space. Facebook on my space. Well, I don’t know. I mean, I did. Yeah, I did my S no, actually that’s not true.
I did not have a personal MySpace account. I had a, I had a band MySpace account, so that’s not even true. So the only personal accounts I’ve ever had are LinkedIn and Facebook, that’s it. But I’m on every other social media platform for business reasons, you know, on the mom there. You know, 18 hours a day, usually.
So that’s the reason why I don’t, you know, then go on there and post pictures of my dinner all night, because I’m because that stuff, you know, but where was I going with this? But this is one that, you know, I really really feel is something that, you know, I’ll be personally spending a lot of time on I already am you know, as myself, the person, so, yeah.
You know that to me, it’s already shown that this is my favorite social media platform that’s ever existed. And I’ve only been on it since Saturday. So, you know, am I having a little bit of honeymoon syndrome probably, you know, will I probably get sick of it after a while? Probably. Is it going to get ruined eventually by marketing and advertisers and dumdums.
A hundred percent, every social media platform does, but for right now, it is amazing. And I’ll tell you why a couple of really big things stick out to me. I mean, first of all is just the people who are on there and the access that you have. I mean, you literally have. Unfettered access to the most powerful people in the world.
And you know, people that you would spend thousands and thousands of thousands of dollars to in order to go to mastermind, classes, conferences, et cetera, et cetera, just to hear them give a keynote. But what’s happening in clubhouse is we have, you know, in-depth conversations that are going on sometimes for hours, sometimes all night long.
With billionaires, I mean, I was sitting in one last night. Yeah, Ty Lopez and JT Fox. I mean, guys that run multiple billion dollar, you know companies, you know, companies like radio shack and pier one imports and stuff like that, sitting in a room with, you know, half a dozen other people discussing issues and debating things back and forth.
And, you know, that’s the kind of stuff that is not happening anywhere else on the planet, except for, you know, cocktail parties and, and back rooms and Silicon Valley. And, and now. You know, I’m a country bumpkin like me sitting in Kansas is sitting in the room with, you know, Barbara Corcoran and Damon John from shark tank.
And, you know, Gary V came in the other night. I was in a couple of rooms with Grant Cardone this morning, learning, learning from him, you know, it’s, it’s absolutely incredible the kind of access and the kind of knowledge. And the kind of just back and forth that is happening on that platform. So that that’s, that’s the first big thing.
I mean, I would happily spend $30 whatever a day, just to have a subscription, just to go on this thing.

Miles Bassett: [00:26:42] Hey can we back up just a little bit here, because you know, we’ve mentioned this, we mentioned clubhouse a little bit last week, but you know, for anyone just jumping in here on this conversation, what is clubhouse?
Because it has a very unique interface, a very unique setup.

Mike Hannah: [00:26:58] That was the next thing I was going to get to. Yes. Okay. So, so clubhouse, it’s a social media app. That started out as basically as a way for VCs venture capitalists to get in touch with emerging tech companies in order to invest with them.
That’s how that’s basically how it started out. It’s since emerged from that. And the, the key feature of it is that it’s all audio based. And so that’s the second, most important thing here is that it’s all audio we’ve talked for. However long we’ve been doing this show miles 10 months. How about the audio revolution?
How you know audio is the next big thing in the tech space to basically take over and revolutionize our, our world and, you know, podcasts give a glimmer into this. But the difference between this and podcasting is it’s live, it’s a hundred percent live and it’s back and forth. And you know, like I said, you can have billionaire sitting there talking to people and then you can have regular people like me, you know, business, people like me come up and pitch their business or ask for advice or get coaching or whatever from these brilliant masterminds and the reason it’s great that it’s all audio is that, you know, and the reason that I’m spending so much time on it is because it’s audio is because a it’s so much easier to talk than it is to write things out. The feedback is direct and back and forth more.
But the other thing is, you know, just like podcasting and I can listen to this. While doing six, seven other things I can be cooking dinner. I can be driving to the store. I can be in my inbox, emailing with clients, you know, all of this stuff can be going. I can be multitasking. And the thing that I love about the design of the app Miles, I don’t know if you notice this is that you can get into the app.
You can go into a room and be listed the audio, hop out of the app and then hop into any other app on your phone. And you’re, you’re still listening to the audio and clubhouse. Which is, is, you know, your restriction that most apps don’t allow you to do because they don’t want you to leave the platform.
But with audio it’s different because they can get you to leave the platform. You know, if I leave Twitter, I’m not reading tweets anymore. So why would, why would Twitter want me to leave the platform? Right? This is, this is so different because like, so it’s great for busy people because I can’t spend a lot of time on Twitter and I spend a lot of time on Twitter it’s all I’m doing all day. You know, and like, like I said, usually when I’m on these social media platforms, 98% of the time I’m working on the plot for him, you know? So I don’t even have time to go and read other, whatever other people are doing on the platform. Cause I’m doing it as, yeah. So this to me is a revolution in the audio space that I think is going to be completely ground breaking and ground changing for other applications and other things, you know, that we’ll see coming down the line from it. So that’s, that’s, that’s my. W complete excited rant about clubhouse Miles. Tell me what your thoughts are. I know you haven’t spent as much time on the platform as I have, but

Miles Bassett: [00:30:00] I’m not kidding guys day one he was up until like four in the morning.

Mike Hannah: [00:30:04] That’s true. I was, I was

Miles Bassett: [00:30:08] so yeah, I, I, I have not spent as much time in this as As you have, but I was actually going to touch on that last point there because you know, anyone that knows me here knows that, like I have these headphones on just all the time.
They’re a permanent fixture basically. Because while I am working or doing the dishes or doing whatever it is I’m doing, I love listening to podcasts. And if someone doesn’t have a podcast it’s a YouTube video or something. Anything that I can passively take in. I love that I can multitask that way and continually be learning about something, bring in some new subjects, maybe that’s, youknow, a technology related. I’m learning about some new texts, some new language, some new platform, maybe often philosophy or something like that, or listening to some lecture. But I can, I can just passively have this experience and engage in content while doing something else.
So I love of that this is an audio platform. It’s something that I can just hope go in there on my phone, find a room that I find interesting, maybe a name I recognize or something. Or I get a ping from my friend that’s permanently in this app and let me know that there’s an interesting conversation going on.
I can hop into that, have it go to my headphones, put my phone in my pocket and go and do something else while also being in the room with some of the biggest movers and shakers in the world. So it’s just, it’s just an extension of what I, I love to do anyway. And it does have that live element, you know, it’s, there’s, there’s something different about the energy of listening to a live conversation versus something that’s more produced you know more edited more intentionally you know, framed one way or another. I know people listening to this, this is clearly a very live thing. We started off the entire thing with a major technical challenge in a muted mic, all sorts of fun stuff. So, you know, there’s some, some pros and cons on there, but I think there’s no, there’s no replacement for that live experience.
And it really does make you feel like, you know, you’re in the room with them.

Mike Hannah: [00:32:08] Yeah. And I think, I think part of the reason why it’s been, so I don’t know if the relief is the right word, but like welcoming is because I think we’re all star for these live interactions, you know, since the pandemic hit. And I was actually in a room the other night and they were talking about, you know, clubhouses effect and how this would basically be used as a blueprint for VR virtual events, you know, in the future. And, you know, I don’t think it’s going to replace, you know, nothing can replace being in the same room with somebody, but this is as close as you can get, you know, and if you’ve ever been to a really great industry conference, whatever industry you’re in you know, and they, and you go into these different panels, you know, breakout rooms and things like that, where all the experts are up there and taking questions from the audience.
And they’re, you know, they’re discussing things back and forth, you know, it’s a lot like that. But 365 days a year, 24 hours a day across tons of different industries. And it’s only, this has only been happening is things only been existence for like six months, you know? So it’s just kind of getting started and off, off the rails here.
Yeah, most of these rooms only have a couple of hundred people in them, you know? So it’s, it’s, we’re still a relatively, very small thing. I’m anxious and kind of nervous of how it’s going to evolve and grow as they let more people into it. You know, right now the whole app is still in beta test.
This is actually just a beta test. Believe it or not. And you know, they’re going around trying to get investors for a for around you know, to take it to kind of the 1.0 level and like I said, at some point it’s going to be ruined, you know, every social media platform does, does unfortunately get ruined eventually.
But for the foreseeable future, I think it’s amazing. And, and certainly, you know, a competitor up and coming com you know, as an emerging market competitor, as we’ve talked about many times on the show that we want to see and happen in this space in order to compete with the the big tech conglomerates out there.

Miles Bassett: [00:34:12] And we talked about the fact that it’s audio and only that’s obviously you know, something that sets it apart. But there’s another trend that it’s following where it’s not the only one I’ve seen a couple of other I don’t know if I’d say up and coming smaller, newer social media platforms arising with a similar idea of making these smaller rooms, smaller communities, kind of like the idea of like a Facebook group or something where either you’re invited to be part of a group, or you just joined this small group. You’re not seeing everything from all of your friends posting from group to group to group. You can go into these little, into these little rooms, into these little communities, into these little groups and only engage with a particular group of people with particular interests.
I don’t know if that’s, I don’t know what that, what that trend means, but I’ve definitely seen that come up in a couple of different new platforms, enough to make me think about it and wonder if that’s going to be a, a new direction where, where social platforms are going. People rather than just throwing everyone into one massive pool.

Mike Hannah: [00:35:14] Yeah. I think that’s a great point models and we should probably explain, you know, how this works on clubhouse is. You can only see, you know, basically there’s, there’s different rooms and you, you can jump into the room and that’s where the discussions happen and there’s moderators in each room and those are the people who decide who can come up and talk from the audience, et cetera, et cetera.
And they kind of, you know, just what you think, moderate the discussions. And so you can only see rooms that are active of people that you follow moderators that you follow. So it really encourages people. You know, even like powerful people who, you know, I’ve seen people who on other platforms, you know, they, they have like a million followers and they falsely felt zero.
But clubhouse, they’re following a lot of people because that’s how you get access to where the different discussions are happening. And then each room, or, you know, can kind of create a theme and those can become clubs or houses. And you can become a member, you can follow those houses and then people will schedule, you know, events and discussions and things like that, that happen in the houses.
And so you, you only get access to the people that you’re following and what they’re doing basically. So it encourages you to really, you know, network and expand and follow people. And I’ve seen, you know, it’s, it’s everything from advice…
and they put people on the hot seat and they, and people get to come up and pitch. I mean, it’s, it’s like the real shark tank. It’s like, you know, the unedited shark tank, when people entrepreneurs come up, they give their pitch and then they just get lambasted and roasted nine times out of 10, I’ve seen some deals get made but you’d be surprised how many people don’t even know their numbers. When they’re coming up. They’re asking for like quarter million dollars. It’s like, holy shit.

Miles Bassett: [00:37:01] I wouldn’t be surprised at all. I’ve talked business with people. Nobody knows what they’re talking about,

Mike Hannah: [00:37:06] we live this every day, but, but so, so, you know, it’s it’s educational, informative and entertainment. It has, you know, the three pillars of value you know, all wrapped up in an already and and there’s, and there’s just no, you know, bullshit or fluff, you know, at least at this point, like I said, that that’s going to change. I’m sure. But it, it’s a really, really valuable tool, especially if you have any inclination, which I don’t know if you’re watching the show, if you don’t you know, about growing businesses about marketing and about advertising, about being a better leader, a better manager, a better business owner, you know, if you want coaching, you know, all those kinds of things, like I said, you can go on this app and get it for free investing the time to network and learn from these people or you can spend $10,000 a year flying around the country doing masterminds and workshops and conferences. But I think I’m going to go with the former.

Miles Bassett: [00:38:02] It may also be worth noting that it’s not all business and shark tank and everything in there. There’s other groups as well. I mean, you can hop into different lifestyle groups or health groups, right?

Mike Hannah: [00:38:13] Health and wellness advocates. Yeah. Lots of music, you know, people. Yeah.

Miles Bassett: [00:38:19] So, and, and if you do have an interest and especially if you have an expertise, then you know, there’s a possibility you can hop in there and there isn’t anything for you yet, but you know, it’s new. So that’s the, that’s the space for you to make something.
Maybe you can make your own group in there. And you’re, you’re all of a sudden the influencer
Let’s see, we kind of touched on a couple of things there, but one of those was podcasting. The audio revolution. I know several of you out there have taken our advice and started podcasting, started putting out some content and creating content in the medium that you’re most comfortable with, whether that’s video or live video or audio or blogging or whatever it is you want to do but we did actually get a question over here specifically on podcasting “any tips on building podcast audience?” I do think that it’s an interesting question just because podcasting is something it’s a little bit different in, in marketing when it comes to other, other elements of content creation it’s not something that people really stumble into, until you reach some sort of critical mass where iTunes and Spotify are recommending you to people. But if you’re just, if you’re new and you’re starting out, no one is just going to stumble on your podcast. There’s no inbound, so everything has to be outbound. So the only way that you can start getting listeners is by going up to the mountain top and, and screaming about your new podcast, letting people know that you are there, you exist. And you’re putting the show out there. So that can be talking to I think probably the highest conversion thing you can do there is finding particular interest groups. So if you’re in a Facebook group that is filled with people that are interested in the topic, On which you’re speaking in your podcast then those people are probably going to be the most interested in the most likely to give you a shot and you know, potentially listen to your new show.
Outside of that, you know, posting on your social media, tweeting out there, trying to latch onto a couple of hashtags, whatever you can do to get more visibility. And I’d say, make one. One piece of nice content about your podcast. It’s not your podcast, nice piece of content about your podcast. So that could be a quick little 30 second video.
That could be a cool graphic that just very, very quickly and briefly kind of captures attention and explains what your show is. And then just put that out everywhere as much as you possibly can. It is difficult. It is difficult to start building an audience that way. The. The upside, there is that once you get it going, it tends to snowball. It’s, it’s one of those things where, you know, once you get to a certain level and people are listening to your podcasts, then they’ll start sharing it with people. You get that word of mouth style advertising and you’re just more likely to grow the bigger you are.
So a little bit of hustle there upfront, get that audience building and then it should take it from there. Mike, did you have anything to add on that?

Mike Hannah: [00:41:16] Yeah, just a couple of quick things. First of all, I agree with all of that in the question was, you know, any tips or tricks on how to build a podcast audience?
I think one of the quickest hacks in, and honestly want to also one of the easiest ways to. Produce a co content consistently is to invite guests onto your show. And, you know, obviously you want to try to get guests with, you know, as big as following as you can, but when you’re first starting out, that’s extremely difficult to do so just get guests.
But basically what the guests is going to do is they’re going to tell everybody and their sphere of influence that they’re on your podcast, you know? And so that’s going to you know, easily and affordably get your. Just branding your name out there. People are gonna be aware of your podcast when you do that.
But then of course, you’re going to have to deliver and you know, that, that’s the other part of this, you know, peop there’s, there’s so much supply out there that, you know, a lot of people will visit a podcast one or two times and they’ll tune in or listen a little bit. But, you know, the trick is of course, to build that audience consistently is to get them to subscribe to your podcast.
And so that’s really what we’re going for. And and so that, that means you just have to delivers really, really solid content. And you have to reverse engineer what the audience wants to hear about. And unfortunately it’s not ourselves. Which is usually the first thing that people want to talk about.
And I had this experience just the other day where somebody that I follow on social media that has a big social media following. Put a plug out, Hey, I’m guesting on this podcast. I’d never heard of this podcast or never heard of this show before was interesting and was interested in the content was interested in the host.
So I clicked on it. Right. I give them a shot and they literally spent, I don’t know, maybe gave it three minutes. They literally spent the first three minutes just talking ridiculous nonsense about themselves. And like, you know, just, it wasn’t even a self, you know, grandiose, I mean, it was just mundane stuff about themselves.
It wasn’t even about their guests or the topic or the show or anything. I was just like, wow, you lost me. So I mean that, that’s the really key to get it, you know, getting sticky content, if you will. And so people can, can be a subscriber, but you know, other than that you know, being consistent. You know, a lot of the biggest podcasting shows out there will either publish every day or they’ll have a certain day every week that they, that their podcast comes out.
So their audience knows and expects that, you know, and it it’s almost like appointment television, you know, back in the day. We’re Hey. Three o’clock on Thursday afternoon. That’s when the podcast comes out. So you know, they’re anticipating it and that builds up some, some anticipated anticipation builds demand.
So those would be a couple of things to add on to what miles said.

Miles Bassett: [00:44:01] And you did hit one, one good point there. I wanted to expand on a little bit. I think it kind of started out and maybe early podcasting you’d make a, an episode zero. That is just a little bit about your about your show, about your podcast.
And it was kind of assumed that that would be the first thing that someone listened to. If they were interested in, in your show, they would go to your show page, and then they’d go to shows zero to. You know, learn what you’re about. And that’s not really how it works. That’s how it ended up working.
People don’t really do that. So the first time that they’re listening to you, it could be just any show. Any show could be the first impression that someone has of your podcast. So Obviously you can’t put out a hundred percent all the time. Not every single second of every show is going to be your best work ever, but you’ve got to try to, at least in the very beginning of every show really make it awesome.
Cause otherwise you get that experience that you had Mike They were probably talking about stuff personally, because they thought that they were talking to a loyal audience. I haven’t listened to them for a long time and would be interested in these kinds of, you know, personal life updates. I know I listened to some shows and you know, our I’m a long time listener of their shows.
And I, I like to hear those personal updates. It feels like I’m closer to them.

Mike Hannah: [00:45:14] No, you’re right. You’re right about that. This was not the case. This guy had no following. Nobody

Miles Bassett: [00:45:20] Okay.
Well, this is for not that guy then regardless you have to treat every show as if it could be the first thing that someone’s hearing of you, because it probably is, especially in your opening. So that you don’t have that kind of situation. I mean, Mike give gives you three minutes and there better be something worthwhile in those first three minutes of every single episode.

Mike Hannah: [00:45:48] Right. And it’s not like you can’t talk about yourself. I mean, I went on a 10 minute rant just a minute ago about my love for clubhouse, but, you know, but I also opened up the show with a rant that all it did was give value in like tactical action steps that people can take to basically do what I do, you know, from money to not give me money and do it themselves.
So I gave away free advice at first. And then I talked about myself, like 30 minutes later, you know, so you have to position this stuff accordingly in always lead with value giving giving and that’s how people are going to want to be a part of your audience.

Miles Bassett: [00:46:27] Awesome. Well, good question, Jeff. If anyone else out there wants ust to talk about a different subject Or if you’ve got some questions or anything, please follow Jeff’s example here and throw your questions in the comments below.
Or if you’re catching this later, you’re not catching this live. Then email your questions to and we’ll get to you next week. As we’re doing this every week, Wednesdays at 11,
the obligatory functional plug there.

Mike Hannah: [00:46:55] Yeah, let’s let’s actually, we got a quick break here. I know we got to squeeze in a couple more questions here for, we gotta go, but also let’s remind people, we have a website giveaway happening out there and we are going to close that next Tuesday at midnight, and then we’re going to announce the winner randomly.
On the show, we’re just going to randomly pick a winner. And, and so it’s going to be exciting and please spread the message. You know, we wish we could help more than one business. We’re going to be able to help more than one business with the website, but just a little, little tidbit between you and I don’t tell everybody’s tree in the front of the back door, but every single business that enters this website, this website contest is going to get a free gift.
From Wildman Web Solutions. They don’t know that yet. They don’t know that yet. They just think they’re in it for the website. But. Even if you don’t win that we’re going to get, we’re not going to let you go away home in empty handed. So Miles, you want to put up the link to that? Oh my goodness. It’s already on the page.
See, I can’t see everything. That’s what I have to look at my other monitor. Sometimes Miles is always at least one step ahead of me today you might be two. But yeah, you just click that link. You can nominate yourself, you can nominate your own business or you can nominate a business that you love that thing you think is deserving. So that’s exciting stuff. Let’s answer some more questions.

Miles Bassett: [00:48:14] Alrighty. I’ll be, I’ve got that link up here on the screen. I’ll be putting it in the comments here below, and you can actually click on it here.
All right. So we’ve gotten a couple of questions over the last week regarding website performance and how it How it impacts search results and things like that. So I just wanted to touch on a little bit One of the, one of the biggest factors that impacts your organic ranking and how people are going to find you in search is your website performance and by performance I mean, you know, load time and the overall UI, the user interface, when people go there, you know, it’s got to flow, has got to make sense. Google is looking at that other sweet Other additions to the Google analytics or to the algorithm that just came out this last year. We’re going to be looking at prioritizing user interface more and more.
So make sure that your website is fast. It performs well. And it just, it looks good. It works well. That’s going to be one of the biggest factors in there, but it’s not, it’s not everything. Content is, is really important. It’s one thing that I think people kind of. They look over for some reason, you know, they, they say, I don’t know how to get my, my website to rank.
I don’t know how to do search engine optimization. I really want to show up for keyword X, Y, and Z. And then I go to their website and those keywords are nowhere on their website. That’s gotta be step one. So go to your website, look through it. Look at the the actual content look at what the headings are.
Cause you know, search engines are going to look at that. They’re going to look at the headings, assuming that that’s the most important thing or that’s what these sections are about. Make sure your keywords are there. The closer to the top, the bigger the font, the more prominent that keyword is the better and the more likely that you’re going to rank for those keywords.
So make sure your website runs fast. Don’t bulk it up with a bunch of unnecessary videos and high def pictures and everything. Just do what you need to do to make it look good. And then, you know, look over your content, think about your keywords, what they really should be. Maybe do a little bit of research and figure out what people are searching for in your industry, and then put those all over your website.
It’s a nice, easy win for everyone. And then I also want to talk a little bit about listings. We. We put out a post yesterday about this. So if you want to go on our page and check this out, I think that was yesterday put up a nice post with a graphic. They’re talking about doing a listings audit is this is another big, easy win that surprisingly no one is doing and it can impact your search score immensely.
So, first of all, when I talk about listings way I’m talking about your business listing. That means your address, your website, your phone number. This is all information about your business and how people can get in contact with you. You’ve got to have that information out there across the net, and it’s gotta be accurate.
So. Our posts, we’re talking about doing a listings audit and that’s just to use a tool. You know, we have a tool here at wild man, but there’s tools everywhere to do this kind of listing audit, figure out what sites, what directories and map services and apps have information about your business.
And is it accurate? Is it missing? A lot of them will just have an address and they don’t have a phone number or they have a phone number and they don’t have your website or. Maybe they have something old. So if you haven’t ever done a listing audit, you should absolutely do that. If you if something’s changed recently you know, if you’ve changed your address, you’ve got a new phone number, business name change, or something like that.
That’s a great time to do a listing audit. Or if you’re a new business, that’s probably other time you’d really be looking for this. If you’re just starting a business, you got to make sure you get this stuff out there. So use one of those listing tools. We have a listing tool in our toolkit. It’s free for anyone who wants to sign up here at Or use another listing tool.
I don’t care, but do that audit. Understand what information the the web, the internet as a whole has about you. Where it’s wrong, what’s missing is nothing’s more frustrating than looking for a business, trying to find a way to contact them and either not being able to find the information or finding the wrong information, you’re trying to call your vet and you get some burger joint in a different city.
You know, that’s not the, that’s not the experience that you want and there’s no quicker way than to to drive away people than to give them wrong information.

Mike Hannah: [00:52:41] A hundred percent miles.

Miles Bassett: [00:52:42] Yeah, I’ll just put in one more thing here. If you want to learn more about this stuff and just get a brief overview as to what listings are and how to do a listing audit and how to look for these things.
And we’ve got a post on our website and our blog, we actually referenced it in the post I was talking about yesterday, but I’ll link that in the comments below as well.

Mike Hannah: [00:53:02] Yeah, it always blows my mind miles, how much business owners are unaware of how screwed up their listings are. And basically, I mean, the reason why this is so important is because people who are trying to do business with you, they are literally trying to find you to do business with you and they’re being sent somewhere else and they’re not getting to you.
That’s a big deal. Yeah, but the reason that you don’t hear business owners crying about it all the time is because they’re unaware of that’s even a problem in their business. And they’re unaware of how many leads, how many sales are actually bleeding by having incorrect listings. And the other amazing thing that blows my mind is how cheap and easy and quick this is that you can fix something like this compared to many other problems that we encounter.
So there’s really no excuse out there. I mean, even the smallest business. You know, if you have a business, you have, you even had just have a website you need to be looking at your listings. And the thing that was on that post yesterday. Don’t let miles rattle off. Cause I’d probably miss one, you know, was just alerting you to, when you, there are certain times you absolutely have to check your listings.
You know, if you move, if your telephone changes, if your email address for, you know changes, you get a new website, anything like that, you know, your domain changes. You have to check your listings and make sure that everything’s not screwed up. We can do it for you for free at Wildman Web. Yeah, anytime, just send us a message, happy to do it, but it is a big effin deal.

Miles Bassett: [00:54:29] Yeah. If anythings changed if you’ve moved new phone number, whatever, if you’re a new business or if you just haven’t done something in a while. A lot of these listing provider and data providers out there, right. They’re trying to help. And so they update things, they update their, their database with the most what they think is the right information.
But sometimes they catch the wrong thing. Maybe there’s another business out there with a similar name. And, you know, they think that that’s that’s you or they have some sort of. bot out they’re crawling around and grabbing information and it just does the stupid wrong thing. And you never know, and then you have the wrong information being pushed out there and all of those different services, they lean on each other and rely on one another in order to get that data.
And so as soon as one of them is wrong, that starts spreading like a virus. And before you know it, half the internet thinks that your address is wrong or that your phone number is wrong, or your website is wrong. And you wonder why you’re getting less results while you’re getting less business.
Why people aren’t finding you as easily. And it’s just because as one listing provider got your information wrong. So yeah, it’s a quick, easy win. Anyone can do it. Everyone should do it. Go do it.
All right. If we have any other questions here, throw them in quick. Cause we’re going to be wrapping up here as we’re coming up on the hour mark Mike, any closing thoughts while we let any last minute comments flow in here?

Mike Hannah: [00:56:00] I got a closing thought miles. I got to get something off my chest here.

Miles Bassett: [00:56:05] I figured that might be the case.

Mike Hannah: [00:56:06] I haven’t gotten enough rants yet this morning, have I. Okay. Let’s can we talk about, we only got a couple minutes left, so I’m gonna keep this quick. Maybe we’ll pick this back up next week. If anybody has any questions on it, please send it to us. We’d love to answer some direct questions about this, but let’s talk about messaging real quick.
From a small business owners perspective, you know, we’ve talked about the idea of the small business person’s disease that you end up trying to read a label on the inside of the bottle and it’s impossible to be. Right. You know, it, it’s not possible. It’s very difficult to do. And basically you don’t see your business from the outside perspective.
And so this is the thing that I would challenge. Everybody out there whether you just work in a business or you you’re actually, the business owner is before you put out another post, before you put out another piece of content, think about the why factor more than the, what factor and really focus on what does my end consumer my client, my customer wants to hear.
What do they want to know about how do they want to be informed? How do they want to be entertained? And then really put that in the perspective of why. And I’ll explain why this is so important in a minute, but I’m not telling you that what is irrelevant, but my God, I might have, I almost had a heart attack yesterday, just scrolling through Instagram and just seeing business after business, after business, just post what message that could be easily followed by well, duh or I’d hope so.
Okay. And I’m trying to pick a category right now that I didn’t see so somebody doesn’t think I’m talking about some local business and trashing them. Cause I’m not gonna do that. But let me try to give you an example. Okay. So if I’m an auto repair shop, okay. Then the vast majority of my messaging just shouldn’t be, Hey, I fix cars.
I can fix your muffler. I can fix your tire. Right. If I’m on your website, if I follow you on social media, I have a pretty, gosh, darn good idea of what it is. You do. The thing that you need to be constantly telling me and explaining to me is why, why do I need these services? And why do I need them from you more specifically, you know, what is the differentiating point that you are selling?
That makes a difference from what everybody else is doing? And I’ll give you a hint. It’s not that you’ve been in business for four years in your family owned. Stop saying that nobody cares. Think about what the in value is. You’re bringing to the customer is okay. They want to know what’s in it for them.
That is what they want to know. I’m not saying that you can’t have pictures of your family. You can’t put that somewhere on your website or somewhere in your messaging, but my God, 90% of the businesses out there, that’s what they’re leading with. Yes, I exist. That’s it. I exist. Congratulations. So does all of your competitors and the thing that we have to understand, especially, you know, here in Lawrence is that it’s not, we’re not just competing with Lawrence anymore.
You know, we we’re competing with the entire world virtually, and I can’t tell you how easy it is to get in my truck and drive to Johnson County or drive to Kansas city, Missouri. Or drive the hell wherever and do business with somebody that’s not you. So stop saying that you’re the only one in town who does this because it’s completely irrelevant.
I can drive 30 minutes away and I can get your service. Tell me why you’re better than that. Tell me why shouldn’t drive three minutes away. If you’re a doctor. Tell me don’t tell me, you’re the only one who does this specialty in Lawrence. Tell me why you’re the best at this specialty and why it should stay in Lawrence and why it shouldn’t go and have a telemedicine, medical meeting with the specialty in Las Vegas.
That’s the kind of messaging and that’s the kind of thing that we need to flip the script on and we need to reverse engineer and we need to stop just taking the lowest common denominator of, Hey, I exist and then listing off what we do again and again and again, and again. Stop it, please. I’m begging you.
My heart. Can’t take it. That’s that’s my plea to the people Miles

Miles Bassett: [01:00:23] Got to have the, why is that is very important. You know, we were talking yesterday and I think we were, we’re working on some content, building out a landing page for some clients and I had just written in the wire frame that I was sketching out.
Just why big words, why this section right here has to be the why we’ve got to take the information that we know, but what you know, this is what this business is. This is what they do. And flip it around into. Why do I need this in the first place? Why should I get that, that service from this particular person when there’s plenty of other options out there?
Part of that was about education. Part of that was going into other qualifications and explaining not only that we do this, but Hey, we’re better at this. We’re amazing at this. And here’s our proof of it. Here’s the evidence that we’re awesome at this thing, rather than just saying, we provide this service.
We’re now following that up with. why So it’s not that the, what is nowhere in the conversation or anything or that those points aren’t, aren’t valid in, in their own respects, you know, to say that you are family owned or, you know, been here for 40 years, whatever that’s, that, that has its time and place and everything, but it’s gotta be backed up and supported by the why cause as a standalone point, it’s meaningless.

Mike Hannah: [01:01:44] Yep. All right. Well, I feel better. I got that off my chest. Thank you.

Miles Bassett: [01:01:51] Thank you. No, your answers are usually valuable in there. So I’ll just close this with a couple of other resources that we put out there. So we do do this show as a resource. Hopefully we’re answering some questions, putting out some valuable information.
So yeah. Please give us a, like a share, help us to reach a broader audience, answer some more questions. That is, if you think what we’re doing here is useful then, you know, help us to to be more of a resource, but we do a lot of other things to be any resource to our community and to small businesses at large.
I already referenced a post that we had on our blog, but there’s a lot of other articles there None of them are overly intimidating or overly technical or anything. They’re all kind of shallow dives, but we do try to cite all of our sources there and link everything. So if you want to take a deeper dive into something, you can go off and learn more about everything that we’re putting up there. So if you want to learn about, you know, listings or SEO or marketing or messaging you know, go over there, check it out grab an article that interests you and start your educational journey. You’ll also notice on that page. There is an email signup button because we are doing a newsletter or just sending that out to a select group of people that have opted into something like this.
And there’s a lot of value in there. That’s where we make these announcements announcements, like our website giveaway. And then we also have references to our articles. They are and some very exclusive data and information that doesn’t exist anywhere else. So if you’re interested in that, go ahead and sign up for the email.
I also mentioned the toolkit earlier, free tools, including one for listing audit. There’s also stuff to help you with social media and reviews and all that kind of stuff. So it’s free. Just go to And sign up there. And then one more hit on our giveaway here. This is a free website we’re giving away to one local small business here in the Lawrence area. Immensely valuable for businesses nowadays. We want to give you a jumpstart into 2021. This can get you ready for online ordering this could get you ready for e-commerce or just getting your business out there. So just untold value to a small business here, and we really want to help someone out.
So either. Sign up there, or you can nominate someone if you know, a local small business that could really use the help please go to and put in their information here. We’ll be drawing totally random winner. Next week, live on this show. I’ll have to get a hat or something to pull everything out of.
So that’ll be next week, Wednesday at 11. And then I, I think that’s it for the for the show today, Mike. Thank you.

Mike Hannah: [01:04:29] That’s all I got. Oh, the pleasure Miles. Yeah. Done for done for a little bit. But you know, glad to glad we were able to get that, get that out. It was very, you know, very healing. I feel like.
So hopefully some people will heed the advice. But who knows it’s out there, right? You got to execute pretty everybody listening and have a great week. I’m out.

Miles Bassett: [01:04:53] All right. Thanks everyone for watching and catch us again next week, Wednesday at 11, we’ll pick up that conversation again, answer your questions.
And if you are catching this again, not large, you’re catching this video later. You can still get in on the conversation. Email us your questions to Otherwise we’ll see you next week.

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