Why Every Small Business Needs to Create Evergreen Content

If you’ve heard of the term “evergreen” when it comes to content creation, and maybe you haven’t and that’s okay too, then continue reading. Evergreen content is so important to a good content strategy. It’s a great starting point for repurposed content and can give you a boost in SEO.


What exactly is evergreen content?


Just as the name suggests, evergreen content is content that stays relevant for a long time. An evergreen plant keeps its green leaves throughout the year. So, evergreen content is something your audience can come back to later on and it will still be pertinent information.

The term evergreen focuses on the content of the message you are sending, not the vessel you are sending it on. Of course everything on the internet is pretty much permanent, but the content you post can lose its relevance.

For example, if I am a clothing boutique and I post something like “Top 10 Best Black Friday Sales in Lawrence,” that’s not going to be evergreen content. As soon as those sales are over, nobody is going to care about that content. I won’t be able to repurpose that piece of content anymore.

Anything with a definite lifespan cannot be seen as evergreen.


Why do I need to create evergreen content?


Not only will evergreen content make your content strategy easier, it can also bring you steady traffic to your website from the same piece of content for a very long time.

Without evergreen content, you’ll be stuck in a content creation loop. Always looking for a new article to publish and draining your energy thinking about what to post next on your social media channels.

Evergreen content pulls you out of that loop. With this kind of content, you can repurpose an article and turn it into a social post. Maybe you make a video. Maybe you even make a second article to compliment the first article! The possibilities of seamless content creation are endless. You won’t have the headache of coming up with new topics for new content when it’s already right in front of you.

Evergreen content is also great for SEO. Because it lasts for so long, you can go back and update the article as you do keyword research to help boost your rankings in search. This boost in rankings will increase your traffic, which will also help boost your rankings in search.

Overall, evergreen content will help you put less work into your content creation efforts as well as help boost your rankings in search.


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