Get Insights of Your Business Profile Performance in GMB

A new Google My Business (GMB) performance report feature has been introduced, using which you can easily check how people find your business.

It enables you to even track what device and platform people are using to access your local listing. Under the header, you’ll see how many people viewed your business using a desktop and how many viewed it using mobile. You will also be able to see whether they used Google Search or Google Maps to find you.

As per the updated help document:

“A user can be counted a limited number of times if they visit your Business Profile on multiple devices and platforms such as desktop or mobile and Google Maps or Google Search. Per breakdown device and platform, a user can only be counted once a day. Multiple daily visits aren’t counted.”

Google went on to say that this metric indicates the number of users, which can be lower than the number of views you see on GMB and email notifications.

Google warns that, since the metric focuses on views of the business profile, and not the overall views of the business on Google, it may also be lower than the number of views you see on GMB and email notifications.

What You Can Do

Go through the relevant support documents to find more details about the performance report feature:

  1. Check Your Business Profile Performance
  2. Changes to Your Insights Data

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