GMB Messaging for Desktop Now Rolling Out

Aren’t yet seeing messages in your GMB desktop dashboard? Soon you will! Google My Business has rolled out messaging for desktop. As of March 2021, all businesses can have access to messaging on the web. 

Opt-in to enable users to send messages via your GMB account to use the service. You can automate the welcome responses as per your brand and interact with the users messaging you.

This new feature will allow you to track messages and save and download all your conversations. However, you should take note that Google expects you to respond to the messages within 24 hours. By failing to do so, you can lose access to messaging tools. Also, know that your customized automated welcome messages do not count as a response here. 

As per Google, this is how it works

  • Once you turn on messaging, customers will find a “Message” button on your Business Profile and will be able to message you at any time.  
  • The messages will appear in your Business Profile on Google. You’ll receive notifications for incoming messages.  
  • You can customize the automated welcome message that your customers will get when they message you.  
  • You can even share photos with your customers through messages.  
  • If multiple people own or manage your Business Profile, each one can message the customers.  
  • Customers may find your name and profile photo from your About Me page. 

Steps to Take  

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