If You Are Facing Indexing Issues, Report To Google

In a recent tweet, Google has announced a new service, which allows you to report any Google indexing issues directly to them. If you are living inside the U.S. and currently experiencing problems with search, this free service could be a handy way to help bring your site visibility back.


Here’s the announcement:

How it works:

To report the indexing issue, you will need a verified Search Console account. With this account you can access the ‘Report an Indexing Issue’ button in the footer of the URL inspection help document and Index Coverage report document.

This feature is beneficial for anyone who needs further support with indexing issues beyond the scope of the Google community forums and support documentation.

What Google has to say about the feature:

“The form collects issues raised by site owners when trying to fix Indexing issues with their site in Google Search. A verified Search Console account is a prerequisite for site owners to report issues. Please visit the Google Search Central Help Community for general queries on How Search Works and to improve your site’s visibility in Google Search.”

Before you submit the issue directly to Google, the feature will take you through a step-by-step process to assist you in debugging the indexing issue from your end.

Actionable Strategy:

Now, when you have exhausted all possible avenues to resolve this issue, you have one last option to resort to; because we have learned time and again that the issue really is with Google, not with you. Now you can tell them directly when this is the case!

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