Four Strategies to Repurpose Your Content

There is a lot of confusion about the best ways to repurpose content. It can be overwhelming to have so many options to choose from. That’s where this post comes in. I’ve compiled four of my favorite repurposing strategies. I believe these four are tried and true for any small business owner looking to maximize their time and expand their reach while still producing fresh, unique content.


Republishing content is one of the easiest ways to repurpose your content. All you are doing when republishing is taking something from one platform and sticking it onto another. There is no altering or editing of the content before publishing.


  • Taking an Instagram Live and posting it as an IGTV.
  • Posting something from Facebook to LinkedIn or Twitter.


You can repurpose multiple pieces of content at once by grouping them together. This is easiest with blog posts because you’ve already written these pieces, you won’t have to reformat the medium. You may have to pull bits and pieces from each post, but you won’t have to recreate anything.


  • If you have a topic you write regularly about on your blog, you could easily create an ebook on that topic. In an ebook, you can take all the content you’ve created on the blog, but split it into a format that’s easier to read.
  • Newsletters are great for repurposing new blog content. If you publish one new blog a week and have a weekly newsletter, you can make that content fit into your newsletter.
  • If you know you’re an expert on a topic and want to monetize that knowledge, you can repurpose your blog content into a paid course. Not all of your paid course content should be coming from your blog however, as your following will feel cheated for paying for information easily found on your blog. Make sure you continue to provide value that can only be found from you.


Recording content to present it in a new medium is another great way to repurpose your content. Anything that people can view or listen to is on the table.


  • Taking a blog post and turning it into a podcast.
  • Turning a podcast into a YouTube video can be content repurposing, but there is a caveat. You would have to create a video after recording the podcast. A lot of podcasters will film their studio recording of their podcast and upload it to YouTube at the same time as their podcast. Though this is creating another form of content, it’s not technically repurposing. Both products of recording were original copies.
  • Webinars are similar to turning a blog into a paid course. The main difference is that now you’re filming a long form class, instead of something that you can produce piece by piece or in writing.


If you’re the creative type, you’ll like this way of content repurposing the most. Turning words or voices into something people can actually look at is another way to give your content a new life.


  • If your original piece of content contains a lot of data, it could be beneficial to create an infographic. Utilize charts and graphics to make those data points something easier to digest, plus, these look great on social and in email marketing campaigns.
  • Instagram posts are a great way to take your content and give it a visual image. Most of our Instagram posts come from repurposed blog content.

Of course, these aren’t the only ways to repurpose content, and that’s the fun part about it. Content repurposing is what you make it. The possibilities are endless when taking one piece of content and making it something new.

If you want to learn more about what exactly content repurposing is, head to this blog post.

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