Repurposing Content – What it is and Why it matters

Creating content doesn’t have to create a headache. When you think about creating content, you don’t need to come up with 10 different ideas for 10 different platforms. Truthfully, you only need to start with one topic for one platform.

What I’m talking about is repurposing your content.


What exactly does that mean?

Repurposing content is when you take a piece of existing content and expand its reach. Typically you turn the piece you start with into different content for different mediums.

For example, you start with a blog post, you then take a quote from that post and turn it into a piece of content for Instagram. Maybe you also record yourself and post a YouTube video of that same blog post. The options are truly endless.


Why is repurposing content so important?


It’s a Time Saver

Repurposing content will save you time. You won’t be creating every piece of content you want and need from scratch. Instead of creating an article, social posts, videos, etc. separately, you could create a blog post and then pull your other content from that.

The main content will already be created, so the only extra work you will need to do is modify it for whatever medium you are using. Now you won’t have to sit around trying to think of 8 different topics for multiple content mediums. 


Find New Audiences

The great thing about repurposing content is that you can use things you’ve created in the past and give it a new life. Say you wrote an amazing article a year ago and you want to create more content on that topic. Maybe a year ago you weren’t on TikTok, but today, that topic makes for a great 60 second video. You’re now able to bring that content piece to a new audience in a different way.


Increase Your Online Presence

Publishing quality content among different mediums will increase your online presence, which will in turn increase your brand awareness.

Not only will more people be seeing your content, but the quality of your content will help you be seen as a knowledgeable leader in your industry, building trust and brand loyalty along the way.


How to repurpose content


The biggest tip to repurposing content has to do with the type of content you repurpose. The only content you should be focusing your repurposing efforts on is evergreen content.

Don’t take the time to repurpose fleeting news into multiple different pieces of content. If you take a day to write an article about the newest Apple releases, after a few days that information is yesterday’s news. You want your repurposed content to be viewable months or even years from now.

It’s easiest to turn a longer form piece of content into other smaller pieces. If you have a blog, a live show or a podcast, it would be easiest to create things like infographics and social media posts from those mediums. It’s much harder to do the reverse and come up with a long form article based on a short social media post.

When repurposing your content, the possibilities are endless. Use your creativity to decide how you want to take one piece and make it into something else.


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