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If you are not mobile first by now, you might end up being last. Mobile commerce is making major waves in consumer purchasing habits, with an increase of m-commerce sales, up 39% in Q1 over last year. Our customers expect to do business with us via their smartphone or will find another company if we can’t provide. Speed, security and an enhanced user experience are critical to making sure your website can meet the demands of today’s customers.

Most small businesses have begun to adapt to the mobile first world; several of your favorite local restaurants probably offer online ordering and your dentist probably has an appointment scheduler on their website. However, this is only the first part of the puzzle. Many small businesses are missing out on key opportunities by relying on 3rd party integrations to facilitate the mobile purchasing experience. The ones who fully integrate their website with their mobile commerce will have a distinct advantage. The ones who leverage the functionality and engagement of a mobile app with their mobile commerce will have the superior advantage.

When a business fully controls the online experience, they can customize it easier for the customer. They can receive important data about their audience to understand better how to serve them. They can engage directly with their customers and reward them for spending with their business.

It’s never been more cost effective to fully integrate your online presence for mobile commerce. Small local businesses who take advantage of this opportunity before the others do will reap the windfall of an increased market share.

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